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Empties #1


I'm going to start doing 'empties' posts where I share with you the products that I have used up recently and give my opinions about the items. I didn't realise how enjoyable it would be to use up a product and think 'oo yay I have another item for my empties post', I know I'm extremely sad... Anyway, every time I have finished a product I have popped it in this box, awaiting the time it would make a reappearance on my side for me to write about it here for you, and there are quite a few products in the box now so here we go :)

Soap and Glory Night in Shinning Amour
This is the first night cream I've ever properly used and I would definitely recommend it. Firstly the packaging is really cute, and secondly it is a good night cream. It smells alright... not the best smelling cream I'll be honest, it doesn't have the normal Soap and Glory smell for sure but its not a nasty smell. It does hydrates your skin really well though, my skin always feels really smooth the next morning when I wake up.

FCUK polished body wash
I got a FCUK set for my birthday or Christmas a few years ago and I only started using it recently and it included this body wash. It smells really nice, it makes your skin soft and smooth and is easy to apply without wasting any, and it lasted a long time with me and I am really bad are using too much product. It's a product I'd repurchase for sure.

FCUK pure shower scrub
So in the FCUK set I got this shower scrub as well which I loved even more than the body wash. I really felt it work on my skin without hurting me skin or being too rough on it. I did mention it in my February Favourites post as I continuously used it throughout the month of February which is why it is now empty.

Pink Pour Femme revitalizing shower gel
Sticking with the shower theme I also used up this shower gel which again I got in a set for either a birthday or Christmas a few years back. This was the shower gel I used in between using my FCUK body wash so I didn't get too bored with it and I continued when my FCUK one ran out. This product smells really nice and foamed really well in the shower so I only needed to apply a small amount.

Dove summer glow moisturiser with subtle gradual self-tanners
This has been the product that I have used to give myself a tan for years now, my sister introduced me to it and since then whenever I wanted to look like I had a tan I would it, keep it topped up for a while and then forget about it or become too lazy to keep applying it. Anywho I have finished the bottle now and all in all it is a good moisturising tanner which gave me a natural glow and lasted for a good few days with just one application.

Clean and Clear blackhead clearing daily scrub
I still have maybe two uses of this product still but by the time I upload this post I will have finished it so I thought I would just include it. During my patch of troubled skin I have been using this product quite a lot to tone down the spots around my chin. It is a good daily scrub (even though I didn't really use it daily all the time) and did help get rid of some nasty spots with the help of other spot control products. I think I will have to repurchase this product or a similar one for my next breakout. The one bad thing about this scrub is that it sometimes smells like fart... I don't know how and I don't know why but sometimes when I use it I can definitely smell a fart like scent and it is not me! haha its not that bad and it doesn't make your face smell but you can definitely notice it while your washing you face.  

Rimmel Wake me up foundation in Ivory 100
I don't really need to say much about this foundation to you guys because I already rave about it too much, and now the sad time has come where it has finally run out :( This little pot has lasted me since late last year and I have practically wore it nearly everyday. It gives a good coverage, it makes your skin glow and leaves a shimmer on the skin that you can see in certain lights and it is long lasting. I have already brought a new foundation to try as I didn't want to stick to the same products all the time but I am seriously considering repurchasing this foundation soon just because I love it so much. What's the harm in another foundation right?!

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think of them?
Do you have an recommendations for me? :)
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  1. I have the clean and clear exfoliating daily wash which is really good!!
    Also I just got the fcuk body polish and body butter! Hope mine are as good as yours!
    Loving your post :)

  2. I really like the clean and clear face wash and scrub products. I've never tried that foundation though although I have heard great things about it. Lovely post!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog


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