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February Favourites '14

This month I haven't changed up my skincare or make up routine much meaning that I don't have many new favourites, anywhooo I do have a few items that I have been loving as well as the products I mentioned last month.

I have 5 beauty items and 4 random items so I'm just going to get straight into it...

Maybelline NY volume express turbo boast mascara
I bought this on feel unique at the beginning of the month after I sorted through my eye makeup pot and realised that most of the mascaras I had, I have had for quite some time so I threw all my olds ones away. Resulting in me have two mascaras which is just not enough! I've never used a bad product of Maybelline (so far) so I saw this one on the website and bought it.
It is a really good mascara, really good at giving my eyelashes some lift and great for laying up to make big lashes. My eye lashes never clump when I use this mascara and I previous said in My 'Go To' favourite make up items post that Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in 001 Black was my favourite mascara, but this mascara is definitely much better! I find my Rimmel mascara does start to clump on my lashes now whereas with the Maybelline mascara I don't have this problem.

H&M 'Sweet Rose' blusher
I've been constantly wearing this blusher that I bought on the H&M website, it is such a lovely colour on my skin and doesn't look too much on my bare skin if I'm having a foundation free day. Considering it is only £3 I think it is a bargain and such a good product for its price.

Beauty UK Silver Glitter nail polish
This glitter nail polish has been my saviour this month! Like I've said before, working in a clothes shop ruins your nails especially if its sale season. So my nails have been looking really dry, cracked and broken. This nail polish has been great at covering my nails when they are looking really bad and because of the glitter effect, it doesn't matter that much if it chips off, whereas it would be majorly obvious if it was just a block colour.

FCUK Pure shower scrub
I have been living off this scrub this month for two reasons 1. I need to use it up so I can start using some new products and 2. It is really good at getting rid of dry flakey skin, it is rough enough to get rid of any horrible dry skin but it isn't too rough that it hurts when you use it. Its really been good at getting rid of my dry skin.

L'Oreal Paris Studio Silk and Gloss heat protector cream
This serum has been great at protecting my hair this month and it makes my hair so soft and shiny! People have been telling me all month my hair looks so healthy so it must be working!

My Made Fat Diary
If you haven't seen this show before then you are missing out big time! It is so funny and relatable to teenagers (like I'm not 20 in less than a month...) Rae, the main character tackles all the issues we think we're alone in dealing with like letting a boy see you naked for the first time (we're all been there before, never a easy thing). Plus the boys in it are sooooo cute! I love Finn and Archie :)

One Day and Leap Year (films) 
One Day is a real tear jerker, I start crying before I'm even meant to because I know whats coming. I recommend everyone go watch it as it is such a good film, It is such a good more realistic love story and it gets to me every time.
Leap Year is more of a chick flick with a cute love story which is really funny, and the main lead is a quirky, cute Irish hunk ;) If your not attracted to the Irish accent already, you will be by the end!

And these are my February favourites :)
What do you guys think of the products and films?
Do you have anything to recommend for me?

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  1. Oh god My Mad Fat Diary is AMAZING and so is One Day! Love your beauty picks too love!! I recommend you Never Let Me Go and I've seen Her and it's amazing :) xx


    1. I know they both are amazing! I've seen that film advertised when it came out but just never got round to watching it, I'll check it out. Thanks :) xx

  2. I love that Maybelline mascara too! Its not too expensively priced as well which is good X



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