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Ready for spring | Nail vanishes

I am itching for the time when I can go outside without a coat on and rock a cute floral dress without freezing to death, so when I see lots of spring coloured clothes come into work I get a little giddy inside. So it inspired me to write a few posts about the things that I can't wait to start using/wearing when spring properly starts.

I'm going to start with my favourite nail polishes and after I will post about the clothes that I have purchased over the last few months that I haven't got a chance to wear yet due to the weather being miserable.

So starting off with my nails...

I apologise for a few of my products being gifts from people so I cant give you a website or colour code for some of them, if I do find them on any websites or their names I will let you guys know :)

I have this gorgeous I guess you would call it a shimmering cream colour by Fearne which doesn't have any indication of what the colour is called. I got this in a set for Christmas and I have tried to find it again on the Boots website but it seems to have been taken off which is a bit annoying but anyway. This is a really nice subtle colour and goes really well on your ring finger for a bit of contrast with maybe a pink or peach colour on the rest of your nails. Its doesn't have a thick consistency but it also isn't really thin, its kind of perfect in the middle. 

Next I have two colours that I got in another set for Christmas I'm sorry! which go so well together and will be perfect with pretty dresses and when the sun is out. These are from Boots I believe and the first colour is a very pure baby pink while the other one is a darker bright pink. They are very girlie and have lasted a good few days while I have been at work so well done to them!

I have two Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes in 306 Greenberry and 235 Blueberry which are such lovely colours. Every time I wear either one of these nail polishes, someone will compliment me on them and ask about them. The consistency of this nail polishes are amazing, where as with other makes where you have to put two coats on just to have a even layer, these nail polishes just glide on really easily and you only need one layer for a full coverage. The colours as well are so vibrate, they are a really nice mint green (which doesn't look much different to the blue in the photo) and a pastel blue which are perfect for the spring and summer. 

Lastly I have another Fearne nail polish in a very pale baby blue which is lovely. You can either use one coat for a subtle colour or two coats for a more brighter colour.


I know I will be going between these few colours when the weather warms up and I can't wait for that time! I hate the time between Christmas and spring when the weather is horrible but you can't focus on Christmas anymore :( 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little post and look out for my spring clothing post soon :) 
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