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E.L.F blushes ^

I recently purchased some blushes from the  E.L.F website and to be honest I didn't know what to expect. I had never purchased anything from E.L.F before so I didn't know how good the makeup was. You'll see at the end of this how pleasantly surprised I was at how good the makeup actually is. and how CHEAP!

I picked up three different blushes in three different types to try out and I'm going to talk about my favourite two. First off I picked up their All Over Stick in Pink Lemonade which I just love. The stick is described to be for your eyes, lips and face but I just use it on my cheeks at the minute. The colour is so lovely and looks so natural on my skin so I can just pop it on without any hesitation.

I choose to rub the top of the stick on my face in a line and then use my fingers and flat brush to blend out the product. The product blends very easily and lasts all day on my face. It gets a thumbs up from me!

Secondly, and more excitedly, I picked up the HD blush in Superstar. This is my first HD blush and I have been converted. I thought it would be really messy and transfer all around my face but it is really easy to use and apply really well. I squeeze a little amount of product on the back of my hand and use my flat blush brush to then put the blusher on my cheeks. It comes out really well on your face and blends really easy into the skin, you don't end up with big pink circles on your cheeks.

It looks really tacky in the photo but I put a lot on my hand so you could really see the colour of the HD blush, as you can see you only need a little bit to notice it!

The best thing both of these products is that they both last all day on my face, which I have found I cant say about other brands.

The blush stick was only £1.95 which is an absolute bargain! I couldn't quite believe the price when I saw it! The HD blush is only £4.50 which is again a bargain especially since it preforms so well and lasts so long!

I would recommend these blushes to anyone who gets bored of powder blushes or wants to try out different types of cheek products. They are worth the little bit of money you spend on them ;)
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