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My birthday outfits ^^

It was my 20th birthday last week (I like to call myself twenteen as I want to remain a teenager forever, cue the Mr Hudson song 'forever young'...)  so I've been a busy bee lately and I thought I'd show you the outfits I wore the day of my birthday and night out that weekend.

On the day of my birthday I didn't have much to do... I booked the day off of work and all my family and friends were at work so I planned that well... So during the day I went to the town 20 minutes away to do some shopping and lets say my bank balance took a beating (post coming soon). Then in the evening I went out for a meal with my parents and sister at the Harvester in Riverside and stuffed my face with lots of chicken, my fav!

My outfit for that day was a Primark floral collared crop top, a Newlook black tube skirt with a wrap/slit and a pair of black leather gold studded boots from Select.

 Then at the weekend me and a bunch of my friends and sister went out in Milton Keynes for a night out which was brilliant and I recommend everyone spend a night out in MK, the nightlife is so good! Anyway that night I wore a burgundy/purple floral summer dress from the Next warehouse with a black bando underneath to cover my assets and keep my modesty haha. I paired it with some summer wedges from Newlook from last year, you can tell I was pretending it was summer...

Have a funny photo of my a little worse for wear...

I wore Lauren's Way gradual tan which I love and rave about all the time, my necklace is from Newlook and I used a Babyliss curling wand to curl my hair.

This is only a short little post but I thought I would share with you my outfits because I loved them, especially my birthday dress :P
I hope you enjoyed it and I may do a post on the makeup products I used for the night out, let me know if you'd be interested in reading it! :)
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  1. hope you had a good day! love your dress, such a nice shape X


    1. Thank you I did :) I know it's so nice isn't it. I was lucky to find it xx


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