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March Favourites '14

March has been a bit of a off month for me. I was terribly ill for over a week with tonsillitis (which I have never had before and didn't know you could feel so bad just from sore tonsils) and then it was my Birthday on the 2nd of April so my blog has been at the back of my mind for a while. Luckily I had a few saved posts all ready to publish while I was ill other wise I wouldn't have posted anything for a good while.

Anyway I am all better now after taking some antibiotics and I've finished my birthday celebrations so its back to the real world for me (well on Wednesday it is, I still have two days off of work yay!)  I thought I wouldn't have many makeup products to talk about in this months favourites because I was feeling ill and down for half of the month but when I actually looked in my makeup draw, I realised I was picking up quite a few products and thinking *hey I've used this loads this month actually* so prepare yourself for a good handful of makeup products and some random bits and bobs! :)

The first two products I'm going to talk about are what I've been loving using in the shower this month. The first is the Boots Natural Collection Mango & Papaya body scrub. This scrub smells absolutely amazing! I'm surprised I have never mentioned this scrub before as I have had it for a month of so now but it was only this month that I really got into using it and I'm going through the bottle at a pace because I love it so much. This is the perfect scrub to use in the morning because the fruity smell really wakes you up and the scrub works really well at removing dead cells on your skin.

The second shower product I've been loving is the Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel. This shower wash is sooooo creamy, my skin always feels so smooth after I use it. All you need is a little product and it lathers up so much you can do your whole body with the little amount. I am using this small bottle I got in a set for Christmas but I have bought the normal size big bottle which I cant wait to use!

Now the first makeup item I've been loving this month I have already written a blog post (here) about it so I wont say too much but all you need to know is that I love Rimmel's Stay Matte liquid moose foundation, it is so easy to wear and really works for my skin.

My second makeup product is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I bought this product with the intention of using it under my eyes as my collection 2000 concealer was running out but alas the shade I picked up (ivory) isn't light enough to put under my eyes. So I've been using this concealer on any spots and redness on my skin underneath my foundation and I've found it works really well at evening out my skin on them days when it is quite patchy.

Next I have a brand that I haven't really used before until now, I made an order recently at ELF (after I read everyone's posts about them having a sale :( ) and picked up a few bits that I really liked the look of. I picked up their ELF Mineral Eye Liner and haven't stopped using it since it arrived. It is really easy to apply and blend out, as well as gives a defined line depending on how you apply it. It is a really good eyeliner and I would recommend it.

My last product is the ELF Baked Blush in Peachey Cheeky which I feel like I say this about everything but I have used it non-stop since I received it. The colour is a gorgeous peachey colour (obviously) which is also really natural on my cheeks but you can built to it to make it more prominent on your cheek bones. I also bought two other ELF blushes which I have wrote their own post about so look out for that!

A clothing item(s) I have been loving this month is tube skirts. I may be a little late on the trend but I have tried them on before and thought that they didn't suit my shape and they made me look fat and pregnant so I obviously didn't buy them. THEN loads of different patterns came into work and I loved them all and so I told myself that I was going to make them work for me and I somehow have. Instead of tucking tops into the skirts like most people do, I've been wearing baggy tops on the top of them to hide the part of my stomach that I think they accentuate and I love the look of them now. Here are some on the skirts I've picked up recently from Newlook, Select and H&M. As you can see I love bold patterns...

You are probably sick of the last item I am going to talk about as every person seems to love this film and have included it in some form of post, but I absolutely love the film Frozen! I kept hearing everyone rave about the film and sing the songs constantly and I didn't understand the hype on a kids film. Then I watched it last week and since then I have listened to the songs every day, I've downloaded the album and plan to buy the DVD next time I go out.
I am officially obsessed and I blame you all!

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