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Bath Time With Lush

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I love a good bubble bath after a long busy day and at the minute I am thankful to Lush for keeping me happy and relaxed with their products. My current bubble bar that I am working my way through is the Brightside Bubble Bar which turns my bath into a bright orange juice coloured mess, which I am loving and finding so relaxing to sit in. Plus it adds a bit of magic to my bath. To wash my skin I am loving using my Comforter Shower Cream which is also a favourite of Cal's too. Whenever he is round he uses it in the shower and I'm sure that's where most of it has gone! The smell is so yummy and a little goes a long way! It remind us both of Calpol which we both used to take as kids. It is really refreshing when I am feeling really groggy and helps wake me up in the morning. Plus it is bright pink which I love. 

To scrub my skin I love using the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub from Lush which I got as a present for my Birthday. It is bright blue which obviously I love! It is a really thin consistency so it is super easy to spread around your body and I can really feel it working on my dry areas of skin. You don't need a lot of product to work your whole body till it is super soft. Lastly the only product I use to shave my body is the D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Cream which has been a holy grail product for me for years now. I have spoke about this loads of times before so you're probably sick of it but I certainly aren't! This product makes shaving my body so easy and so smooth. I haven't cut myself once while using this and it leaves my skin so silky smooth. I always get people to touch my legs after I've shaved using this and I mean, I see someone in the street that I know and I get them to touch my legs...

Lush has been a firm favourite of mine for shower and bath products for years now, sometimes I mix my products up and add a few extra other products into the equation to make a change but I always end up coming back to these products. I am planning on doing a similar post all about my Soap and Glory products that I also love using during bath time. If there are any products you think I should try comment them below! 

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  1. I love lush! I love the way bubble bars make your bath water silky smooth, it makes the whole experience that much better.

    x. Cattleya


  2. I love Lush, especially their face masks. I miss having a bath because their bath bombs are amazing! Great post.


    Lady Law Student


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