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The Best Of 2015 | Skincare

Skincare has to be without a doubt my favourite subject to talk about. Although I don't experiment with skincare as much I do with make up, I have been trying out new things and growing my collection this year.

My favourite moisturiser of all time has to be the Clinique Dramatically Different Cream. I started a love affair with Clinique Moisturisers at the beginning of this year when I bought the 3 step starter kit from feel unique. Since then I have not used any other face moisturiser as nothing makes my face feel as amazing as this moisturising. This love affair has made me drag Cal around all the beauty shops in Barcelona to find my favourite formulation... you know its love then!

My favourite eye cream is the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream. This became a firm favourite of mine right from the start as it is so thin it sinks into the skin within minutes so it is a perfect product to use before applying makeup. It really brightens the eye area and makes me look like I have had a better sleep then I actually have. This makes it a perfect product for uneasy sleepers like me.

My favourite facial wash is the Clinique Liquid Facial Shop in Mild. Facial wash is something that I like to change up regularly as I tend to get bored of washes quickly, the clinque wash is a product I always end up going back to after I have tried something new out. It makes my face look and feel much cleaner and all round in better shape.

My favourite face scrub is the A-M-A-ZING Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub. Oh my this scrub is the best face scrub I have ever used! You feel so clean and refreshed after using it and the amount of rubbish it scrubs off the your is amazing. It can leave you skin red sometimes but it doesn't last long and it means it worked.

My favourite face mask of the year is the Lush Mask of Magnanimity. I have spoke about this mask loads of times on the blog and I wrote a whole blog post on my Lush collection which includes it here. It is the perfect mask to use in the morning to wash up your skin and yourself.

I lastly have two favourite cleansers to end the post with. The first cleanser is the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser which is my holy grail when it comes to removing my make up. It melts away everything on my face so all I need to do is wipe my face with a flannel and I am done.  The second cleanser is the Lush Dark Angels cleanser which I love to use to cleanse my skin of dirt and to deep clean it.

Leave links to your favourite posts in the comments so I can read all your posts lovelies!
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  1. Clinique's products are brilliant for skincare!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. They are you can't go wrong with them! x

  2. I've been looking for a good eye cream. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Brittny | www.brittnykindred.com

    1. Your welcome! I use Clinique's eye cream for the evenings too :) x


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